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5 Books Toddler Books We Own & Love

Even before your baby is born people will offer you unsolicited advice on the importance of reading to your baby. As annoying as it can be, it’s definitely advice that is worth heeding. We have made reading books a staple in our daily activities. After reading over 100 books, we have five toddler friendly books that we absolutely love and will continue reading for years to come. Consider adding these unique, toddler books to your bookshelf.

Stazi began picking up books and trying to flip the pages as an infant. Many of the stories still bring a huge smile to her face when she hears them recited. I’ve even memorized quite a few lines in her favorites. She still enjoys books today.  We have read and own the classics such as: Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Dr. Seuss books, but her interest really perks up with a few books that you won’t find on many top 100 let alone a top 10 list. Here are five books that we love reading. They’re all available on Amazon.

It is worth noting that board books last a bit longer because the pages can’t be easily torn by excited fingers.

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5. The Green Caterpillar

Green Caterpillar was one of Stazi’s favorite books very early on. The book has a circle cut out on each page, which give smaller children the opportunity to touch everything the green caterpillar eats on his journey through the world. This adventure introduces the caterpillar to many different animals and foods. 

It’s worth noting that some people may not enjoy the fact that some of the characters in the book are not the most pleasant to the caterpillar. For instance, a queen bee shoos him away as she calls him a ‘foolish pest.’ We like to think that some of the caterpillar learns to leave situations where the animals are not very nice to him. Stazi does light up with joy as I animated each voice in the story. Don’t fret because the caterpillar ultimately finds someone willing to help him on his journey, which is what we use as an overarching silver lining to this story.

4. A is for Activist

A is for Activist is a truly progressive take on an alphabet book. As you make your way through each letter you are greeted by empowering messages that can reach children both old and young. For smaller children they can scour the illustrations for a cat hidden on each page. 

The letter H was her favorite page by a long shot. Healthy food on the page highlights a variety of tasty delights. The illustrations highlight the topics addressed on each page. This book inspires readers to think about social justice issues and the struggle of others. The illustrations, rhymes and introduction to new words definitely make this book one of a kind.

3. Big Preschool

This workbook is a great tool for introducing toddlers to worksheets and activities they may use in a school setting. It helps smaller children practice the different activities while being able to doodle. A great thing about this book is that it is part of a series so you ensure that your child is progress as they make their way through the material. There are books and supplemental through grade three.

2. Counting On Community

Counting on Community is another book by Innosanto Nagara. His style, imagery and style are the reasons why we love his books and believe everyone else should own them. This book engages children in counting and teaches them the importance of community. In this book you will find ducks hidden on each page. This book uses counting to inspire the youngest readers to learn about their community and the importance of working on solutions that can bring us all together. 

It doesn’t matter if you have an activist bone in your body or not, this is a unique counting book to add to any small readers shelf.

1. I Like Myself

Finally. Our favorite book to date has been I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont. This colorful and witty book follows a young girl that is faced with thing that could break her down. 

When she’s faced with different situations she looks at the bright side and embraces every aspect of her being. The story encourages children to love themselves as they are. No matter what anyone may say, think or do, nothing is as important being who they truly are. Every person is unique and this book reinforces that. This is a book that we would recommend for children and adults alike.


Are there any unique books that you and your toddler love reading? We love new books and would enjoying hearing about your favorites.

5 toddler books we own and love

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